Secret Link for: Need visionary artists/craftspeople for commission-free gallery

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True title: Seeking music-loving ART MEDIA and visionary artists and craftspeople to help run and display at commission-free gallery
(posted on craigslist on April 7, 2013) but obscured to try and keep out the craigslist haters!

Yay, you are mebbe interested! My name is Adrienne. I've been wanting for alongwhile to try something I'm not sure everyone will get so hence the visionary-seeking. Kinda brainstorming here and looking for motivated someone/s with time, energy and interest to steamroll ahead (and i just watched Craigslist Joe on Netflix so i'm inspired by the Craigslist possibilities to find the right partners :) Not looking to mooch off your art like many places do. Looking for true collaboration, and if you have stuff people will buy, and can figure out the right price points, you will make money (you will be responsible for the taxes and all your own business interests of course).

Display/ Hang your art up in my space, anywhere you want, any way you can figure out. (we already have a traditional wirehang system on many walls) Charge anything you want, commission free. Great location along Tennyson Street Artwalk. Commission free, the tradeoff is that the space-use is at-your-own risk. We have never had a single problem with damage in two years** but it is in a bar/music venue so there is some risk, check it out and see what you think (google: tennyson's tap). Any media type is fine with me as long as you feel it is satisfactorily safe (ie, in addition to traditional prints/oils/mixed-media 2D works in frames would love to see some interactive or multimedia screen stuff, love to see some zine stuff, or what about some photocopied prints in a rack for $5 a piece with an honor payment box. On the other hand we did sell a $750 oil painting awhile back-- I don't care as long as there is some passion connected :) We have sold over $2000 of stuff commision free for artists since we opened January 2011 but lately the purchasing has slowed so I think it's a matter of getting some new blood and minds in here. (** the asteric on the damage is because once the artist tried to hang their glass-framed paintings with double sided tape on brick and they were too heavy and fell and some glass broke)

Now for the new idea... let me know what you think--- I was envisioning an "open art auction" on one particular wall known as the "Great Wall" which when you walk in the building from the front is directly to your left on the South side of the building probably 20' long by 12' high. If possible would love to do this concept in the entire room. Hang the art up anywhere there is space during the week before first friday. Have it ready for first Friday. Give it any starting bid or $1. Then people have all month to bid and pick up their art on the following first friday. Do you think this is a good idea and could it work? I'd love to do crafts too.

And have ya seen the outside of my building??? It is soooooo ugly! There are endless possibilities, but limited resources.
UPDATE 4/22: we painted the building this weekend, not quite finished but it's a zillion% better, now it looks like something fun going on!

So if you are resourceful contact me and i'll share what i can (all the endless possibilities???). It's so weird-- I have many amazing artist friends in the local scene and in the local art machine (industry/technology/education) who would be perfect for this project, but they are all too damn busy with other projects, so I'm reaching out to YOU, and i can introduce you to them too. Be sure to mention if you are connected to Metro in any way, 'cause there are awesome resources we can tap there: alumni and center for innovation for instance. Or if you are new to town this could be the perfect way to make friends in both art and music (the space is primarily operated as a music venue, the art right now is the blue-haired stepchild to be sure). Or maybe you represent some collective downtown and you could use a sattalyte space on the West side of the Highlands. Or maybe you're right here already and now is the perfect time to jump on it. The neighborhood is popping off, as of yesterday (april first friday-- u should have seen it, it's rad.)

Be sure to put something about yourself, like answer some of my questions, or it might go in my spam box!
Cheers! Adrienne