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Past and Present Tap Entertainers

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Laura Newman Jazz
Brian Hornbuckle
Stephen Marcus
MF Ruckus
Al Laughlin (of The Samples)
Black Lamb
Crow Radio
DJ Fish
DJ TournaqueT
Erica Brown
Greg Ferguson
Michael Hornbuckle Blues
Danny Vegas
Emilio Emilio
Dick Black Comedy
DB & The Catastrophe
Steve Crenshaw
The Lucky Few
James Hambleton
Jodie Ferguson
Johnnie Vaughn
Kate LeRoux
Kenny O (of Flobots) Guest Bartender
Lo Gravity
Mick Martin
Michael McDonald
Mitch Chmara
The Fabulous Clam Daddys
The Broken Everlys
Filthy Children Funk
David Booker Blues
Slut Magic
The Atomic Drifters
The Broken Couches
The Tom Girls
Two Times Elevated
Union Driftwood
White Fudge
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Laura Newman Jazz Band

vail daily review
Known for top notch musicianship, this jazz trio offers an extensive repertoire of original jazz compositions, classic hits, standards, R&B, acid jazz, funk and pop tunes. "We take pride in making a connection with the audience," said lead Laura Newman. "We use upbeat tunes and realize we are entertainers as well as musicians – our playing style keeps them coming back for more." Newman, on saxophone, is joined by Vlad Girshevich on keyboard, Jill Fredericksen on kit, with beautiful vocals by Ellyn Rucker.
live music, jazz, original jazz, classic hits, standards, R+B, acid jazz, funk, pop

Michael Hornbuckle Blues

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A native of North Denver, Michael Hornbuckle has played on some of the most renowned stages in Colorado including Red Rocks, Coors Amphitheater, The Fillmore and the Pepsi Center. He played alongside ZZ Top for the Final Farewell Concert at McNichols Sports Arena and for the inaugural concert at the Pepsi Center opening for Freddy Jones. Michael got his start at age 13 when his father, blues legend, Bobby Hornbuckle, put him to work in his band playing drums with brother Brian on bass. Michael calls the next four years spent playing with his father the most important musical schooling that he could have received. After the loss of Bobby in 1996, Michael and Brian started a trio shortly after. Michael made a rather quick transformation from drums to guitar. Michael's soulful sound honors his father with every note. Locally as well as on the road Michael has shared the stage with top class acts including Johnny Winter, The Allman Brothers, Joe Bonnamassa, Tab Benoit, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Brown, The Doobie Brothers, Coco Montoya, Jim Vaughn and Ted Nugent.
live music, blues, original blues, north denver blues, standards

Mitch Chmara Jazz

mitch chmara website
Being highly versed in the well worn expectations of the given genre is just the starting point for a player of Chmara's calibre, a player who has successfully managed to meld seemingly disparate ideas into a highly personalized musical statement that defies quick and dirty categorization.
live music, jazz, acid jazz, original jazz

Brian Hornbuckle Band

Brian Hornbuckle is a third generation musician whose roots lie heavily in the blues. Playing bass with his father's band at a young age, Brian was quickly educated in the art of performance and professionalism which has served him well over his lifelong professional musical career. Since 98, he has opened for the likes of the Doobie Brothers, The Allman Brothers, Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh, Gov't Mule, Styx, Bad Company, ZZ Top, BB King, Def Leppard, Lynrd Skynrd and James Brown, and the list goes on and on. In 2001 Brian departed the Mile High City for Hollywood. After playing bass for several California bands and live and in the studio, Brian was tapped to perform concerts with the platinum selling recording artist Uncle Kracker for various dates around the country. Brian is now safely back home in Denver, and The Brian Hornbuckle Band is winning over audiences with their signature riff-oriented rock-n-blues. Along for the ride are Jonny "Hot Rod" Vaughan on guitar, who is also currently part of the Lewis and Floorwax Groovehawg band, as well as national touring veterans Jimmy Yozell on drums and Mark DeGeorge on the keyboards. The Brian Hornbuckle Band has been methodically and diligently carving out a growing niche in the regional music scene, becoming one of Denver's hardest working, and most requested bands.
live music, blues, original blues, north denver blues, funky blues, funk, rock

Danny Vegas, Albino Roadkill Show

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...With a toothy grin plastered across his face and a booming voice delivering a rap that he has down cold, he has the air of someone who's putting you on — and seems exactly like a guy who would have a glittery handle like Danny Vegas. Just minutes after making my acquaintance a few Fridays ago, he immediately began nonchalantly pouring out tales of how he'd opened for the Killers at Red Rocks this summer and how he's slated to again next month, and how he's known Brandon Flowers and company for years and his brother is their tour manager...[finish story at westword.com]
live music, original rock, folk, singer-songwriter, story-telling

The Fabulous Clam Daddys

"About 12 years ago, I walked into a bar and there were these two crazy cats with unbelievable beards, one sitting and playing guitar and singing in a gravelly yet perfectly modulated voice, the other hopping around the stage like a snake dancer, playing harmonica and singing like ... like I don't know what. Octagenarians get up and dance when we play. Little kids get up and dance when we play. Teens and twenty-somethings crowd around us to get a better look and listen. The Clam Daddys have the universal demographic. The Clam Daddys are, in this day of counterfeit novelty and carefully planned celebrity, the one thing so many other acts are not: truly entertaining. "
live music, original rock, country-funk, honky tonk, rockabilly

Emilio Emilio

emilio emilio website
The Emilio Emilio musical experience is a unique blend of American music—a power trio consisting of rock, blues, and funk, with a Latin flair.
live music, funky blues, north denver blues, latin, rock

The Broken Everlys

the broken everlys website
The Broken Everly's play Rock n' Roll music ... What does rock n roll mean to the Broken Everly's? Country, blues & soul blended on HIGH ......... The Denver-based band features the songwriting, vocals and guitar work of Satchel with Shawn Cupolo on guitar, Jim Sullivan on bass and Joe Shapiro on drums. The band has performed at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, as well as many top venues around Denver and throughout Colorado. Drawing on influences that include Jimmie Rodgers, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Stax/Volt, and Brit Invasion, these seasoned musicians deliver an exciting rock 'n roll show high on energy and good vibes.
live music, rock, blues, soul, country, country-funk

Steve Crenshaw

steve crenshaw website
"Passion, virtuosity, originality, and uncommon cohesiveness are qualities that distinguish Steve Crenshaw & The Blues Shop from other bands playing similar material. Strongly inspired by Jimi Hendrix & his disciple, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Crenshaw & The Blues Shop continues to expand on those masters' rich musical legacy while incorporating influences from across the spectrum of American musical culture." - Fletcher Malmstein Fremont County Free Press
live music, blues, north denver blues, original blues, standards, rock

Dick Black Comedy

Come down for a night of incredible laughter as Denver's finest local comedians give you a show that will having you laughing so hard your sides will hurt. Dick Black will be the host. Dick Black is one of Denver's finest up-and-coming comedians. Dick Black has opened for Comedy Central's Dave Chappelle on numerous occasions.

Stephen Marcus

Hailed as the next big musical discovery by music critics nationwide, Stephen Marcus musical style recalls a young John Prine and Steve Earle. Originally hailing from the blue collar rustbelt of Michigan, Stephen Marcus has called the alpine valleys of Crested Butte, Colorado home since 2004 and is also an occasional resident of Denver, CO, Nashville, TN and Austin, TX.
live music, rock, country, bluegrass, folk, singer-songwriter, story-telling

DB & The Catastrophe

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DB and the Catastrophe have a fun, infectious mix of punk and ska, and with songs like 'Love Pirate' are sure to get any crowd hyped up" -KCSU

"DB and the Catastrophe are one of the local acts you HAVE to get to know. Their infectious energy and fun tunes will pull you right in." -Sam Hill, DJ on 105.9 FM Alice

"Good Punk Rock with some Roll thrown in to keep it honest" -Brent Loveday of Reno Divorce
live music, punk, ska, rock

Filthy Children

filthy children website
Based out of Denver, Filthy Children have been laying it down all over town, landing regular gigs at nearly all of Colorado's most respected venues and festivals. This funk/jazz/rock septet serves up a funkinetic frenzy of fresh, original, mind moving music; reminiscent of such groove giants as Soulive, Greyboy Allstars, John Scofield, and Deep Banana Blackout. Filthy Children deliver action packed funk that's sure to be "a big fat kick in the groove" (Colorado Daily). Their debut EP, Knocked Up, "a force to be reckoned with" according to CDBaby, has been played on over 200 radio stations nationwide and has been chosen to be on multiple reality shows for MTV. Fate has brought this group of filthy, misfit all-stars together. Their large and rapidly growing fan base is a testament to their grand performances and mass appeal.
live music, funk, jazz, rock, soul

David Booker

david booker website
Named "Best Bluesman" in Westword Best of Denver, April 4, 2002: "He's moved crowds here for decades, thanks to an eye for great material and supporting players -- not to mention a voice that wraps around standards like a sharkskin scarf. Add in his car-salesman/street-huckster persona, and you've got the finest bluesman about town."
live music, blues, original blues, standards

MF Ruckus

mf ruckus website
When that first chord hits, you'll remember why you got obsessed with music in the first place. MF Ruckus has only been kicking musical ass for a short time, but their relentless writing and touring has earned them a reputation as one of the best bands around. They consistently redefine the melodies and moods of classic American rock music, and while they have been influenced and inspired by music from all across the spectrum, they defy comparison to any particular band or style. But, with over 150 road dates a year, it is their live set that truly sets MF Ruckus above the competition. The boys have evergy in spades. They leave the guys in the crowd on their feet pleading for more, and the ladies—whom the band attracts like magnets attract iron filings—ready to behave exactly like their fathers wish they would not. Their audience cuts a wide swath: punkers & metal-heads, sk8ers & hipsters, rock-a-billies & soul daddie crowded side-by-side with hellions, scoundrels, professors and barflies. Check your PC nonsense with the doorman. Get ready to have some fun. If you've heard them before, do it again—like sand dunes, their live show changes with the wind. And if you've never had the pleasure, get off your ass. Bear witness: MF Ruckus is in the house.
live music, heavy, rock, punk, metal, rockabilly, soul, southern rock

AOA (Alive on Arrival)

aoa website
AOA (Alive on Arrival) enjoys steady success in the due to top notch musicianship and audience enthusiasm. The personal and enigmatic quintet - vocals, sax, keyboards, bass, drums - exhibits and honest love of feel-good tunes.
AOA knows no generation gap. The performers work to integrate all the instruments. The unity is a tribute to great creative teamwork."

- Robert Jackson, The Rocky Mountain News
AOA presents innovative arrangements of hits that deserve continued recognition.
live music, jazz, original jazz, classic hits, standards, R+B, acid jazz, funk, pop

The Lucky Few

Members: Jeff-vox/guitar, Rodney-drums, Paul-tenor sax, Mark-acoustic bass, Dale-guitar

Sounds Like: Some great music that makes you want to get your toe tappin' and dance.
live music, rockabilly, rock, blues, honky tonk